Game: Bow and Arrow

Bow And Arrow


A retro game...

I remember when I got my first computer, it was running Windows 95. Without a reliable internet connection I spent countless hours exploring every part of it, one day when I got bored I took my stack of the rainbow colored floppy desk and went to a friend who had a nice collection of games and programs, one of them was Bow and Arrow, it's a simple game but it was all about timing and accuracy and I loved it, it was the first game I played on my computer. 

Many years later in May, 2011 I joined a group of friends at Pace university in downtown Manhattan, participating in a Microsoft sponsored Game Hackathon, the task was doing a game in two days using XNA. I have never worked with XNA before but the thought of remaking an old favorite was exciting and the MS game tools (at least for a simple game) was pretty nice. Two days later and probably 2 hours of sleep I had the game done with few levels too,  showed it to the judges and they really like it some even took a seat determining on finishing a level. It was a joy sharing a childhood game with people and being able to understand all the work behind it.